Frequently Asked Questions

A list that hopes to reduce unnecessary e-mail

Here's a collection of a few questions which I get asked a lot by email. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact me.

Reverse Engineering

You always use IDA Pro, OllyDbg and W32DASM in your tutorials. However only shareware versions are available on the internet. What should I do?
You think I paid over 500 USD just to write some tutorials? IDA Pro has a freeware version which although limited in functionality, works fine for the purpose of my tutorial. OllyDbg is an excellent debugger and has always been available for free (and I hope it stays that way) while W32DASM is now a paid software (it was free when I wrote the tutorial). I don't think it's worth spending 75 USD on W32DASM, so either find an older version online or use any disassembler that you want.

Programming Help

1) I have a programming question. Can you help me?
Yes, I can but since I get a lot of emails every day, it might be a while before I can reply. Instead, I urge you to post your question on, where you'll get quicker responses to your questions.

2) Can I have the source code for one of your projects? I want to use it for my college project and my deadline's in two days.
No. I've had many professors contacting me about plagiarism cases for some projects and there's a reason why the source code for some projects isn't available for download. There's also no need to threaten me to share my code. If your deadline's in two days and you haven't worked in the past few weeks, whose fault is that?

Nope, try your luck on programming forums and prepare to be flamed.

4) I need a project/thesis for my degree. Send me one of yours ASAP. (paraphrased)
You can frame your question however you want, but there's no way I'm going to help you cheat.

5) Why isn't the source code for XYZ available for download?
I have received complaints from university professors about students stealing my code for their assignments and class projects. I've taken it off temporarily until the heat dies down. You can still contact me for the source code and I'd be happy to send you a copy.

6) What's with the weird printf signature?
It is my hope that you understand the humor behind it and realize that I'm not what it says I am.