A list describing some of Sanchit's Programming Projects

I usually write applications for developers, end-users and hackers but at times I do work on projects for my personal use. Every Project of mine is Open Source and can be downloaded for free. Projects might be released under different licenses so be aware of that if you're planning on using my code in your commercial or free application. If the project does not have a license, contact me for information.

I love working with developers on their projects and I've collaborated with (random) people on some of my projects as well. If you want to help out with one of my projects or want some help on one of yours, feel free to email your patch or contact me and we can chalk out a schedule and set up version control (Git or SVN usually works best).

For a list of projects I've worked on in undergrad and grad school, click here.

Facebook Redirect Fixer for Opera and Google Chrome

Safe Browsing on Facebook

Facebook adds redirection to all (internal and external) links to learn your browsing habits. This extension prevents Facebook from literally stalking you in its ecosystem. As a side-effect, shared links will load faster as they are no longer passed to Facebook for redirection.

The Source Code is available here.

Samsung Captivate (AT&T-US variant of Galaxy S) Search Button Fixer

Fix the issue where the search button gets automatically pressed.


All AT&T Captivate phones have a hardware issue where the Search Button gets automatically pressed if your phone is exposed to moisture. This can get really annoying as the phone opens up the search screen, hides the keyboard and moves focus away from the current application ensuring that you can't get anything done. This application disables the search button by modifying the handset's keyboard layout files. You can even restore (unfix) the layout files if you need to.

This application is written in Java/Android and uses Linux Shell Scripts (through BusyBox) to modify the keyboard layout files. The Source Code is available here

Privly for Opera Browser

A Browser Extension to take control of your data

If you're in Portland, OR during 26-29 June, 2012, attend our presentation about Privly at the Open Source Bridge conference.

Click here for more information about Privly.

The Source Code is available here.

Twitter Redirect Fixer for Opera

Safe Browsing on Twitter

Twitter adds redirection to all shared links to learn what links you click. This extension removes Twitter's redirection to protect your privacy.

Thanks to how twitter handles redirection under-the-hood, this extension is also able to remove redirection from many third-party URL shorteners (e.g.:,,,, omg.fac and many more) without having to dereference them.

As a side-effect, all links will load faster as they are no longer passed to Twitter or third-party redirection servers. To improve performance, the redirections are fixed only when you mouseover links.

This project is open source.

Privly for Android

Take control of your data on your mobile device

This is the Official Android application for Privly and is currently under development.

Click here for more information about Privly.

The Source Code is available here.


A Scrobbler for Media Player Classic

There are dozens of scrobblers available for all major media players except for Media Player Classic as it doesn't include a plugin API. This application allows Media Player Classic users to scrobble their music to

This application is written in C# and uses Web API and some Window Hooking functions from the Windows API

BatteryStats Library

Laptop Battery Information Driver Interface for C++ and .NET

This is an interface for developers to work with device drivers of Laptop Batteries without using any system-level calls. It exposes a lot of battery information and even supports PowerState events for Single and Multi-cell batteries.

This library is written in C++ (with some DDK (now called WDK) function calls) and includes VB.NET and C# wrapper classes.

J2Media Xtractor v2.0

Media Extraction Tool for Java Micro Edition Mobile Apps

Many J2ME applications (especially games) pack sprites, pictures and sound files into one or more binary archives having either .pak or no file extension. This application retrieves media files stored in such archives and saves them as individual files.

J2MEdia Xtractor is written in C# and is extensible (i.e. hackers can add their own media scanning and extraction routines)


Forensic Analysis Tool

USBFootprint is a library that allows developers to retrieve information about every USB device that has been connected to the host computer at any point in the past. It supports USB devices that run on MSC and MTP transfer modes.

USBFootprint is a free library and application written in C++ with a C# wrapper and has more features than other related commercial applications.

Win32 API Library for .NET


This Class Library contains .NET Interop Declarations of hundreds of Win32 API Functions, Structs and Constants which can be easily used in managed code without worrying about PInvoke signatures, Marshalling and Interoperability between managed and unmanaged code.

This project was abandoned with the arrival of Sanchit now contributes directly to and has been selected as the Top Contributor many times.

PocketFare - Mumbai

Mobile Taxi and Rickshaw Fare Calculator for Mumbai, India

Check the latest fares of Mumbai's taxis and auto-rickshaws while on the move and say goodbye to being cheated by the cabbies. The latest fares can be downloaded from the internet when updated by the Regional Transport Office, Mumbai (RTO)

This application was featured in an August 2010 article in a daily newspaper "Maharashtra Times", which has a readership of over 1 million and was also featured on a national (India) news channel (TV9) where Sanchit appeared for a live interview.


Mobile College Attendance Manager for University of Mumbai students

Anybody who's studied at University of Mumbai knows about the unreasonable emphasis placed on classroom attendance. With this application, you can manage your college attendance and maintain it above the minimum required limit right on your mobile phone.

BunkM is written in Java Micro Edition and supports Attendance Data and Settings Synchronization (over-the-air) across multiple phones.


Program Launcher

This application is the epitome of raw speed. You can start external programs and open directories with keyboard shortcuts. As it has no User Interface, it is blazing fast and consumes 0 bytes in RAM as it doesn't need to be running to detect keyboard shortcuts.

QLaunch was written for personal use and is not available for download.

Opera Download Shutdown Manager

Shutdown Scheduler for Active Downloads from Opera Browser

Do you use Opera Browser to browse the internet and download large files? If so, this tool can be used to automatically shutdown your computer once Opera completes downloading all files. It is tested on Opera 8.xx and 9.xx and may work on 10.xx and 11.xx

This tool was written in 2004 using Visual Basic 6 and is not being ported or developed further.

Universal Mobile Device Synchronization

Free Mobile Calendar and Contact Data Synchronization Tool

This web and mobile application enables users to synchronize their personal information seamlessly across mobile devices irrespective of the device platform. Supported Platforms are J2ME, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and BlackBerry.

This system was submitted as my final project for my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

J2ME Accelerometer API

Adds an API which exposes Accelerometer information in J2ME

Although J2ME is not capable of accessing the accelerometer, a neat trick employed by Sanchit allows phones running on Symbian 9.2 and below to access the accelerometer using J2ME.

The J2ME Accelerometer API is written in Java Micro Edition and interfaces with Slider's Edge for accelerometer input.