BunkM - Mobile Attendance Manager

Lecture Attendance Calculator for your mobile phone


This mobile application maintains a record of your attendance at college and helps you ensure that your attendance is above the mandatory attendance percentage.

BunkM supports 8 Subjects/Courses as well as Lecture Irregularities such as Cancelled and Extra Lectures.

You can also backup your attendance data online or transfer it to another phone.


  • All Attendance Information is stored on your mobile phone. No PC Needed.
  • Online Backup and Transfer of Attendance and Settings.
  • Maintains data for a maximum of 8 subjects/courses.
  • Stores attendance record for 'Practicals'.
  • Generates Statistics on a custom date range to enable you to track your attendance record and verify it with your official college attendance record.
  • Be informed about how many lectures you can afford to bunk or how many you need to attend to ensure you're never on the defaulters list.
  • Supports Extra-Lectures (i.e. 2 lectures of the same subject/course on the same day)
  • Check for Updates and download the latest version of BunkM directly from your phone.
  • Comprehensive Help Menu for every feature in the application.

Why Did I Create BunkM?

The University of Mumbai requires all its students to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% for each subject/course and 100% for all practicals.

Like other college students, I would bunk a couple of lectures without realizing how it was affecting my attendance record. Unfortunately, the official attendance record was only published once a month which I felt was unacceptable. Since I couldn't force the university to release the report more regularly, I decided to write an app that lets me track my attendance record.

More often than not, there are errors in the official attendance records and having an application like BunkM would be a great resource for verification, which motivated me to create BunkM.

Who Is This For?

This mobile app was designed as per the attendance rules and regulations of the University of Mumbai for Undergraduate programs (as of July 2011).

However, BunkM allows you to change the minimum required percentage so students from other Indian universities can use it as well.


I don't own a phone that supports J2ME anymore so I can't post screenshots (I don't see a point in posting screenshots from a J2ME emulator). Try BunkM out for yourself!

Minimum Phone Requirements

  • Should support Java with CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0
  • GPRS/3G/Wi-Fi connection required to check for updates.
  • Smallest Screen Resolution Supported: 172 x 208

Phones Tested

  • Nokia N82
  • Asus P320
  • Nokia E51
  • Nokia N73
  • Samsung SGH-E250 (OTA Installation Issue, Requires Statistics Override)
  • Nokia N72 (Requires Statistics Override)
  • Nokia N70 (Requires Statistics Override)

Known Issues

  • BunkM force closes when generating statistics.

    • Fix :I can't fix this as your phone has not implemented the Java Date class' functionality correctly.
    • Workaround :Enable Statistics Override in the Statistics Menu.
  • Updating from any previous version on the phone on an S60v3 device may cause BunkM to Force Close.

    • Fix :I can't fix this as it's a bug in the Symbian S60-J2ME Integration code.
    • Workaround :Start BunkM in a J2ME Emulator on the PC and manually copy the attendance records and settings and upload the data online followed by a download operation on your phone.
  • Choosing to preserve app data while updating on a Nokia S60v3 device may cause BunkM to Force Close.

    • Fix :I can't fix this as it's a bug in the Symbian S60-J2ME Integration code.
    • Workaround :Restart the Phone. It usually does the trick but if it doesn't work, follow the same instructions as the previous issue's workaround.

Download BunkM

Is there an Android/iPhone version?

BunkM was written at a time when J2ME phones were more popular than Android/iPhone devices. As of now, there are no plans to create an Android or iPhone port.

You can root/jailbreak your Android/iPhone device and run the application from a custom J2ME Emulator. You should also contact me if you want an Android/iPhone port. If there are a reasonable amount of people who want it, I shall make it happen. :)

BunkM-Online! - Backup your Data

You can now backup your attendance and settings data online with BunkM version 1.6. This feature comes in handy when you need to transfer the data to another phone or want to restore the data after a phone crash or app uninstall etc.

Click here to Create an Account and type your Username and Password in the Settings Menu in your BunkM 1.6 application.