To obtain a full-time position that enables me to use my skill sets in desktop/web/mobile development, reverse engineering and application/network security.


  • Extensive experience in Application development (client and server side), Mobile Applications development and Reverse Engineering.
  • Moderator on large online programming forums (like dreamincode.net, with more than 450,000 members) with a passion for teaching and helping co-developers solve problems.
  • Ardent programmer proficient in a variety of software tools and technologies and having expertise in C/C++, Python, Java, x86_asm.
  • One of the few in the security industry with knowledge of the esoteric Visual Basic 5/6 file format and its Thunder runtime internals.

Skill Set

  • Programming Languages: C/C++, Python, 80x86 Assembly, C#, PHP, Java SE/ME/Android, VB6, R
  • Databases: Amazon S3, MySQL, SQL Server 2008
  • Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows, Linux (Fedora and Ubuntu distributions)
  • Reverse Engineering / Security Tools: IDA Pro, OllyDbg, HIEW, WireShark
  • Published Apps and Code Repositories: Git Repos and App Store URLs here.


Degree University Period
Masters in Computer Science - HCI Major Oregon State University (GPA: 3.53) Sep 2010 - Sep 2012
Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Engineering University of Mumbai (GPA: 70 / 100) Jun 2006 - Jun 2010

Work Experience

  • Anti-Malware Researcher, McAfee, Inc., Beaverton, OR Sep 2013 - present
    I research malware and their infection vectors for Windows and Linux and develop internal tools for malware analysis, automation, clustering, threat intelligence and signature development. I author and improve malware detection and repair code for McAfee’s VirusScan line of products as a result of analyzing various parasitics, trojans, anti-emulation techniques and advanced persistent threats. Awarded McAfee Labs’ Employee of the Quarter for Q1 2013 and Collaboration Award for Q3 2013. Specialties: Sality, Expiro (32/64 bit), Beebone/Worm-AAEH, Pate/Parite, Dorkbot, Zeus-based malware, Cryptolocker and many others.
    McAfee Labs Blog : http://blogs.mcafee.com/author/sanchit-karve
  • Maintainer – The Privly Foundation Oct 2011 - present
    Volunteering with an open source project called Privly as their maintainer of their Opera browser extension and Android app. Mentored a student to develop the android app during Google’s Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013.
    Project URL : https://www.priv.ly
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University (School of EECS) Sep 2010 - present
    Currently researching reusability of software components on online repositories by analyzing "low ceremony evidence" such as reviews/comments, age, usage statistics, etc. of source code posted on CodeProject.com and SourceForge.net to predict its quality.
    Research Advisor: Dr. Christopher Scaffidi
    Project URL : http://www.sanchitkarve.com/gradschool/
  • Software Engineering Intern, Electro-Scientific Industries (ESI), Portland, OR June 2011 - Sep 2011
    Worked on the GUI (C#) and Control Programs (C++) of ESI's 3500 (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Tester) and 3800 (LED Tester) models.
    • Added Multi-threading functionality in the 3500 to speed up the process of finding the ideal vibration frequency of its feeder.
    • Created a Custom Version Controller for Visual Studio 2008/2010 that incorporates Changeset IDs from Team Foundation Server (TFS), Build Accounts, TFS Branch Labels, etc. into the Application's manifest.
    • Added software licensing code to provide access to 3500's Stress Test features only to licensed users.
    • Created a Diagnostic Tool capable of creating and editing Simulation Test files for the 3800 LED Tester.
    • Added graphing functionality in the 3500 GUI to present a visual representation of data from log files.
    • Added code to reduce number of sensors required to detect bin drawer states in the 3500.
    • Extended existing code to support an additional shim sensor in the 3500.
    3500 Project URL : http://www.esi.com/Products/PassiveComponents/ElectricalTesters.aspx
    3800 Project URL : http://www.esi.com/Products/PassiveComponents/LEDTesters.aspx
  • Student Developer, OSU (Business Solutions Group - Software Dev.) Feb 2011 - June 2011
    • Developing a system called Transportation Operating Center System (TOCS) using C# and ASP.NET for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to consolidate its 4 regional dispatch centers throughout the state integrating multiple software and information systems. When complete, this project will have combined the functionality of multiple event (e.g., road/weather condition monitoring, dispatch, etc.) and resource management systems into one TOCS application capable of independent operation at each center with the ability to backup one operation center from another. It will also create an interface with the Oregon State Police to exchange data.
    • Created Data Structures using SalesForce to consolidate student information from various departments to create an internal job portal.
  • AI Developer, OSU (School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) Oct 2010 - Jan 2011
    Ported and tested an MS-Outlook plugin written for Outlook 2007 to work with Outlook 2010. Used VSTO with C# for creating an interface between the Outlook plugin, a SOAP/WSDL web service and Java sockets. Also wrote and tested code for generating and reading data formatted in XML and JSON using C#. "TaskTracer" is a Task-Based Interruption Recovery and Knowledge Management tool to investigate the possibilities of a desktop software system that will track in detail how knowledge workers complete tasks and intelligently leverage that information to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Intern, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai Sep 2009 - May 2010
    Configured, developed and tested an intranet web application "National Health and Safety Portal" using JSP, which is being scaled for implementation in all branches of Tata Consultancy Services, India. Designed and developed a utility for database backup and migration which was implemented as a module in the Health and Safety Portal.


  • Thallium Backup
    Using: Java (Android), Linux Shell (BusyBox), PHP, Amazon S3
    Thallium Backup allows Android users to backup and restore any application’s data on the phone. Users can choose to either save the backups locally or on the cloud (Amazon S3).
  • Samsung Captivate Search Button Fixer
    Using: Java (Android), Linux Shell (BusyBox)
    All Samsung Captivate phones have a hardware issue where the Search Button gets automatically pressed if your phone is exposed to moisture. This application disables the search button by modifying the handset's keyboard layout files.
  • Privly
    Using: Java (Android), JavaScript/JQuery
    Helped write and maintain the browser extensions for Opera and Chrome for an open source project called Privly. Mentored a student to develop the android app during GSoC 2013. Presented project at the Open Source Bridge conference in Portland, OR in June 2012.
  • Facebook/Twitter Redirect Fixers for Chrome and Opera
    Using: Java (Android), JavaScript/JQuery
    A browser extension focused on privacy to prevent facebook and twitter from learning which links you click while browsing their websites. This is implemented by modifying the DOM to remove any redirection from external URLs.
    Project URL : http://sanchitkarve.com/projects/facebookredirectfixer/
  • SourceForge.net Project Review Summarizer
    Using: Natural Language Processing (NLP), C#, SourceForge.net Read-Only API
    Used a set of NLP techniques to retrieve the quality of features of open-source software from their reviews on SourceForge.net.
  • Universal Mobile Device Synchronization
    Using: PHP, J2ME, C#
    This system enables users to synchronize their personal information seamlessly across mobile devices and computers irrespective of the device platform.
  • PocketFare - Mumbai
    Using: J2ME, PHP, Java for Android
    This system enables users to view the latest fares for the taxis and auto-rickshaws of Mumbai, India. The latest fares can be downloaded when the fares are updated by the Regional Transport Office, Mumbai (RTO). A daily newspaper "Maharashtra Times", which has a readership of over 1 million, published an article about this application in August 2010. Also appeared for a live interview on a national news Channel TV9 (Hindi) about the mobile application.
  • Source Code Complexity and Object Oriented Metric Calculations
    Using: C#, Java, JSLint
    This application scrapes article information and the source code of every article on CodeProject.com and analyzes the source code in every revision to compute entropy of changes, previous defects and various object oriented metrics and defect predictors. Further research also involves interfacing with a Java application that calculates bad smells metrics written by Dr. Christian Doerner from Carnegie Mellon University.
    Academic and Research Advisor: Dr. Christopher Scaffidi
  • BunkM - Mobile Attendance Manager
    Using: J2ME, PHP
    This project enables students from Indian Universities to manage their attendance and check if they need to attend additional lectures to fulfil the minimum attendance requirement for their course. It also features a backup system where users can upload and download their attendance information on the web server. A daily newspaper "Maharashtra Times", which has a readership of over 1 million, published an article about this application in September 2010.
  • J2ME Accelerometer API for Symbian S60 v9.2 and below
    Using: J2ME, Local Sockets, Reverse Engineering J2ME code
    Accelerometers on Nokia phones running Symbian OS v9.3 or below are not accessible by the J2ME API. This project provides a library for J2ME developers to interface with the accelerometer on such phones. The library is used with Slider's Edge binaries as the server socket.

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