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frequently asked questions

Why am I constantly being prompted to allow the UMDS J2ME app to access the Contacts, Calendar and ToDo Lists?

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it as the only way these prompts can be suppressed is by buying a digital certificate from a Certification Authority which costs roughly about 200$ a year. Since UMDS is free, these prompts are perpetually present as a security measure.


Why is device registration required?

Since multiple devices contain different types of information, the server needs to know which phones are paired with the service so it can send and receive synchronization data based on the phone's capabilities.


Why do I see an exclamation mark next to a registered device?

Newly registered devices on the UMDS server appear with an exclamation mark against their name and deviceIDs to indicate that device pairing is partially complete.

To complete the pairing, install the application on the phone and choose Register Device.


Why is there an X mark next to my device name?

The X mark only appears next to completely paired devices. Clicking the X mark removes pairing from the device completely.

Written by Sanchit Karve